Is consolidation the next wave in staffing?

May 4, 2020 Kassandra Barnes

Across the country, businesses are evaluating many aspects of their business including areas they could consolidate and improve efficiencies within their overall business supply chain—including ensuring they have the right staffing partner in place.

Having the right partner can make or break an operation—especially during critical times.  Many operations are taking harder looks at the partners they utilize to achieve their business goals, and many are looking at how they can consolidate to improve business efficiencies. But, what really are the benefits of consolidation?

  • Single point of contact – It goes without saying that having one person to wrangle is much easier than many. A single point of contact can advocate on your behalf directly.
  • Mitigating compliance risk – With less suppliers, there’s less of a chance to misstep on critical items such as hiring and workforce management compliance.
  • Better employee experience – Employees want consistency as much as you do. With less suppliers there’s less chance that they will deviate from your existing workplace culture.
  • More accurate reporting – If you’re collecting data from multiple places, there’s a higher chance you’ll find inconsistency and inaccuracy in reporting.

Additionally, you should consider the overall model of the staffing suppliers you choose for your business. Explore beyond traditional branch-based staffing models.

The staffing industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace with new technologies in workforce management and innovative models that bring teams more closely aligned to your business.

Are you considering consolidating your staffing suppliers?

Check out our guide on what other benefits you can achieve by narrowing down your staffing suppliers.

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