Staffing Services Essentials: Promote Savings, Deliver Exceptional Service & Provide Quality Workers

December 7, 2023 Brandon Barborka

Staffing-Services-Essentials-Promote-Savings-Deliver-Exceptional-Service-Provide-Quality-Workers_Blog_Staff-Management-SMXThe hallmarks of a successful staffing program might seem obvious enough. You want quality workers, exceptional service and a partner that will help you promote savings. Unfortunately, a recent study pointed out that staffing firms often have a higher opinion of their services than their customers do. When asked to rate the staffing services they delivered, firms gave themselves an average of 8.81 out of 10. On the other hand, buyers gave staffing firms an average of 5.98.

How can we eliminate this perception gap? How can buyers ensure that they’ll receive the high quality of service that they expect from staffing providers?

At Staff Management | SMX, our high-touch onsite service delivery model brings us into frequent conversation with our clients. Our partnered approach has resulted in client satisfaction scores that are 13 times greater than the industry’s average, and we’ve been ranked among the top 2 percent of U.S. staffing agencies for customer approval. Here’s how we turn our clients’ goals into our highest priorities when it comes to savings, service delivery and worker quality.

Focused on Savings

There will always be a fee associated with centralized staffing services, but it should ultimately be a cost-effective move for you to partner with a staffing firm. What are the potential pitfalls when it comes to cost containment, and how can they be avoided?

Sometimes the hours can get away from you. When you’re focused on meeting demand, you'll do whatever it takes to get across the finish line. If this is the situation in which you find yourself, per-piece pricing, which some firms offer, can be a good option for you. Under this scenario, instead of paying for the hours worked, you pay for the work performed. This gives you billing certainty and encourages your staffing provider to drive efficiency in order to maximize profitability.

The best staffing providers are always looking for ways to drive efficiency at your operation, whether or not it’s pegged to pricing. In order to drive efficiency, your staffing provider needs to have a hands-on approach to management at your operation. Onsite staffing providers are uniquely situated to observe your operation and tailor their best practices to meet your unique challenges while driving costs down.

Committed to Excellent Service Delivery

If you’re working with an onsite partner that has teams who handle your account from end to end, then you don’t have to worry about gaps in coverage for your staffing program.

Not only does an onsite team operate from within your facilities to have a better sense of what makes your business unique and interface regularly with your teams, but an onsite team often comes with backup.

At Staff Management | SMX, our onsite teams are supported by centralized services and implementation teams. The implementation team is responsible for transitioning seamlessly from your previous staffing firm or setting up staffing services for your operation by building a program from the ground up. Either way, they adapt our standard operating procedures and best practices so they can lay an expert foundation

Centralized services works constantly in the background to streamline administrative duties like worker verification, screening and onboarding. That frees up our onsite teams to learn about your goals, adapt our frameworks to your needs, and efficiently manage the quality workers they bring to your site.

Our teams are empowered by Stafftrack and ViewFinder, original technology solutions that help us record and report important key performance indicators (KPIs) for your workforce. They also help us make data-driven forecasts that inform the recruitment and onboarding strategies we implement so that your recruiting pipeline keeps flowing optimally to meet your labor demand.

Our teams work together, supported by advanced technology, to provide you with end-to-end service that’s responsive to your needs, and our clients have noticed.

The Right Workers for the Job

A staffing firm is only as good as its people. Staffing services only make the cut if they provide you with workers who work out. That means that our job is to find the right workers for your operation and keep them motivated and engaged.

At Staff Management | SMX, our onsite insights give us a great sense of the kind of worker who will be suited to your environment, and we use precision recruiting techniques to find strong candidates. Through a combination of in-person, grassroots efforts, traditional media and digital campaigns, we find the best-suited workers and provide them with an efficient application process.

Our screening techniques are backed by our centralized services, so verification and background checks are conducted in a timely and thorough fashion. We conduct in-person interviews with all of our associates to make sure they’re a good fit.

A recent analysis of existing research into technology-mediated job interviews, like telephone and video chat interviews, suggests that these technologies can leave something out. Overall, because the interviewer and the candidate can’t develop a rapport in person, the interviewer could perceive the candidate more negatively. At Staff Management | SMX, we give all of our candidates the chance to show us their true colors in person.

Once we get the best-suited workers onboarded and oriented, it’s our job to keep them engaged onsite. We implement awards like Associate of the Month while providing on-the-spot encouragement and notes of recognition to high-performing workers. Our workers get more than a job, and because they feel appreciated at their work sites, they keep coming back.

A Programmatic Approach to Valuable Staffing Services

In order to close the gap between the quality of service that staffing firms think they’re providing and what customers say they’re getting, firms need to be in communication with their clients. With an onsite solution, staffing services can be adapted from best practices to fit your unique operation. By prioritizing cost reduction, quality service delivery and exceptional workers, our teams can bring you the results you need.

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