associate's-son-competing-in-the-2010-olympic-games_blog_staff-management-SMXAs people across the globe prepare to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, we at Staff Management

SMX are excited to recognize Greco-Roman wrestler Ellis Coleman, who is heading to the 2012 Olympic Games in London! Ellis is the son of Yolanda Barral, who has been a Staff Management

SMX associate at a major client that supports the transportation industry in Lisle, IL for five years. Yolanda is a Customer Service Representative, working on the Special Projects team that handles rental reassignments and works to ensure the proper renter is charged for tolls/violations.

Ellis has been wrestling since the age of 10. He is known for his signature move called “the flying squirrel” which ranked third on ESPN’s Best of the Best Highlights for 2011! The 20-year-old from Oak Park High School is the youngest member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic wrestling team. Ellis was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune in a story that chronicles Ellis’ accomplishments and the dedication it took to overcome growing up in a rough Chicago neighborhood to making the Olympic team.

Yolanda Barell Pictured above from Left to Right: Tom Nemec, CSC Manager; Ray Seidel, Senior Account Manager at Staff Management

SMX; Yolanda Barral; Natalie Marcione, CSC Project Manager.[/caption]To help Yolanda travel to London to watch her son compete at the Olympic Games, Staff Management

SMX presented her with $500 towards her trip. Last week, Ray Seidel, Senior Account Manager, and Jennifer Prath, Director of Operations, were joined by 30 associates to present Yolanda with the gift while she was working at the office in Lisle, IL. It was an emotional moment for Yolanda, as well as many of those in the crowd.

From everyone at Staff Management

SMX, we wish Yolanda the best and Ellis good luck in the chase for Gold at the 2012 London Olympics!

Learn more about Ellis’ biography and accomplishments on his official website