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We specialize in optimizing staffing, production, quality, safety, compliance and cost savings. With insourced solutions, you outsource responsibility for specific functions or departments to us, while keeping operations within your facilities.

We become responsible for production results and integrate into your value stream to drive efficiencies, lower costs and positively impact outcomes. Our performance-based pricing model guarantees productivity, predictability and lower overall costs because you only pay for the results we deliver.


Drive Efficiency & Accountability Beyond KPIs

Partnering with Staff Management | SMX places responsibility and accountability for production results on us. Traditional staffing programs work from a short list of key performance indicators (KPIs). We manage staffing, production and quality, end-to-end, through a proven process that is consistently monitored and reviewed to ensure optimal ROI.

Via these outcome-based solutions, our clients outsource responsibility for specific functions or departments while maintaining operations within their facilities. We become responsible for production results and integrate into your value stream to drive efficiencies, lower costs and positively impact the outcome. Our  performance-based pricing models guarantee productivity and lower overall costs – we get paid based on the result, rather than the labor, that we deliver.


Pay for Results,
Not Labor Hours

Outcome-based pricing, also known as price per piece (PPP), offers you a significant opportunity to realize efficiency gains and cost savings. Rather than billing you for labor hours worked by our associates, we bill the you for our output, regardless of labor usage.

Whether we are billing based on production rates, pallets processed, routes completed, calls answered or another performance metric, outcome-based pricing is an effective way for you to migrate to a more fixed-cost environment. This model creates a win-win for you and Staff Management | SMX with both parties working towards the same goal – a highly efficient operation.


Pay Rates Based On Performance

Pay for performance (PFP) or gainsharing pricing models can be effective strategies to improve productivity and quality and ultimately to cut costs. Developing and delivering solutions that align pay with performance is a strategy to that helps you remain competitive and drives program value.

PFP programs are based on the premise that pay is one of the greatest motivators. The idea is to pay the associates for their work while allowing high performers to earn significantly more than lower performers. This provides associates with a financial incentive to perform better than before and directs outcomes that are important to your organization such as improved productivity and reduced rework. When effectively administered, PFP plans can increase individual productivity significantly and lower variable labor cost per unit produced.

You’ll See Tangible Results & ROI

Our holistic managed services platform allows us to drive measurable results across the entire value stream. Staff Management | SMX delivers a customized, end-to-end solution designed from the inside out that aligns program needs and performance with your overall business objectives.

Results you can expect from our holistic managed services program:

  • Eliminating repetitive and inefficient processes
  • Increasing productivity and fill rates
  • Improving quality control
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Meeting your output objectives

Lean Principles Form the Foundation
of a Highly Efficient Program

Staff Management | SMX supplies the people, processes and technology that result in a contingent workforce operating at peak efficiency. Our experienced team leverages deep expertise to engineer a program that applies contingent workforce management best practices to optimize productivity and performance.

Opportunities for optimization are always present. Consistently identifying those opportunities and designing solutions that capitalize on them is the secret to building sustainable results. The foundation of success starts with our Five-Step Lean Assessment Process. Our industry veterans work closely with your teams to understand the program’s current state and to identify opportunities to improve productivity and save money.

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