Staffing Solutions

Never sacrifice quality or efficiency


Staffing Solutions

Never sacrifice quality or efficiency


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Satisfying client demand isn’t always easy. Managing and optimizing your workforce while ensuring order accuracy isn’t either.

Let us lift your staffing burden.

Staff Management | SMX’s onsite staffing model allows you to easily scale your workforce to meet variable demand while upholding the high efficiency standards in your distribution centers.

From multifaceted recruitment campaigns to ongoing performance coaching and management, your onsite service team is fully integrated into your distribution operation to get you the people you need when you need them.


Don’t believe us? Our results speak for themselves

Processed over
3 million
retail packages

105 million
retail packages
shipped from
one site alone

fill rates
above 99%

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"Our business is highly variable. With our demanding recruiting requirements and the number of SKUs and assets in our facility, it is a complex operation and the result is constant change. Staff Management | SMX allows us the flexibility to effectively manage that change and meet customer needs."

– Human Resources Manager, International Online Retailer

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