Recruitment and Placement Solutions

Looking to Fill a Semiskilled or High-Skill Position?

Many of our onsite staffing clients have semi- and high-skilled temporary, permanent or temp-to-hire positions they need help filling. Enter our Recruitment and Placement Solutions team.

If you need quality candidates to fill semi-skilled or high skilled positions, our Recruitment and Placement Solutions team can help. Dedicated recruitment specialists attract top talent through a variety of sourcing channels to provide precisely matched candidates for your temporary, temp-to-hire or direct-hire roles. In a competitive recruitment market, our teams know exactly where to find and attract the ideal candidates for our clients’ unique needs.

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Our Formula for Sourcing Top Talent with Recruitment and Placement Solutions

Talent for Your Semiskilled & High-Skilled Positions

Staff Management | SMX’s Recruitment and Placement Solutions connect you with top candidates for your semi- and highly-skilled positions. Whether you’re looking for contract, temp-to-hire or direct hire candidates, our team has the industry expertise to source top talent for your unique staffing needs across a variety of labor segments. By leveraging our Recruitment and Placement Solutions, you take the guess work out of sourcing qualified candidates.

Customized & Comprehensive Candidate Sourcing

Whether your need is temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire candidates, our RPS team has the expertise to source specialized talent across a variety of labor segments including industrial, administrative, IT, engineering and other skilled and semiskilled positions.

Our thorough vetting process allows us to refine the candidate pool and select those with the skills, experience, education, training and availability that best match your requirements. Some steps of our process include:

Our Recruitment & Placement Experts Get Results

Industry Expertise: Our scalable, centralized team of professional recruiters can fulfill your needs across North America using their expert industry and job category experience

Individualized Service: We conduct a formal assessment of your needs and provide individualized service to ensure we understand you, your business drivers and your unique culture

Precisely Matched Candidates: Our team uses data-driven processes and analysis to understand the effectiveness of different sourcing channels and then shares that data with your hiring managers so you know you’re getting the best fit candidate for your position

“The extent of the efficiencies and hard cost savings generated as a result of the Staff Management | SMX program cannot be underestimated – they deliver very significant value for us. We appreciate the open book nature of Staff Management | SMX’s cost model and their consultative approach. Giving them a seat at the table makes us more competitive, enabling us to price our bids effectively with a high degree of confidence in their ability to deliver.”

– National Director of Implementation, Supply Chain Logistics Provider

“Their recruiting model is more effective and flexible than any I’ve seen – the volume of change orders from us is high but Staff Management / SMX delivers a 99.8% fill rate and allows us to meet orders and demand efficiently.”

– Value Stream Manager, Food & Consumer Goods Manufacturer

“Our business is highly variable. With our demanding recruiting requirements and the number of SKUs and assets in our facility, it is a complex operation and the result is constant change. Staff Management | SMX allows us the flexibility to effectively manage that change and meet customer needs.”

– Human Resources Manager, International Online Retailer

“I like Staff Management | SMX and their model better than any other agency I’ve ever used. The biggest advantage to their model is the way that they manage everything for us. In the past, with traditional branch-based agencies, I was the one calling the agency when there was an issue asking, ‘Do you think you need to discipline so and so for attendance?’ Even though the agency came onsite sometimes, they were so far out of the loop that they had no clue what was going on in the operation.”

– Plant Manager, Power Solutions Manufacturer

“Safety is a partnership between our organization and Staff Management | SMX; we are focused on the common goal of zero incidents. Our shared objective results in an effective partnership, not just with our safety manager but across the entire Staff Management | SMX team. They communicate on safety very effectively and safety is front of mind.”

– Value Stream Manager, Food & Confections Manufacturer