Fulfillment Staffing Solutions

Fill orders faster


Fulfillment Staffing Solutions

Fill orders faster


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We know that the hallmark of a successful fulfillment operation is the ability to keep your customers coming back.

Each time they place an order, your shoppers expect to quickly receive the products they purchased. Meaning your operation better be fast and accurate.

But what happens when demand suddenly increases? The extra strain on your fulfillment center workers can make it tough to meet customer expectations.

To ramp up when demand spikes, you need an efficient and scalable workforce ready to fulfill those orders. That’s where we come in.

We provide what you need

We provide
what you need

Staff Management | SMX’s onsite staffing model provides a scalable, contingent workforce and structured service teams you need to support a reactive environment. From forecasting and recruiting to safety training and performance management, your onsite service team is fully integrated into your fulfillment operation to get you the workers you need when you need them.


Don’t believe us? Our results speak for themselves

Processed over
3 million
retail packages

105 million
retail packages shipped from one site alone

new hires
in 9 weeks

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"The extensive on-the-floor support and coaching provided by the onsite teams went above and beyond what we expected. The relationships we built were integral to our success and allowed us to rapidly scale our workforce and meet seasonal demands."

– Floor Supervisor of an Online Retail Fulfillment Center

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