Daily Safety Discussion Topics – How to Engage Your Audience

Ongoing safety training is a critical portion of safety awareness. Things can get very hectic and busy on-and-off the job. If daily safety reminders are not present in the workplace, safety awareness can take a back seat to schedules, priorities, and day-to-day tasks.

You must provide adequate instruction and guidance to ensure your crew is following safe practices. Teaching safety is part of the job. Daily safety discussion topics should not require the presenter to be a professional speaker, but you do have to do some planning.

Daily safety topics should engage the audience. They should relate to your work environment, and discuss real topics. Identify safety trends that are occurring in the workplace currently. For example, if your workplace is having a rash of back injuries have a week of back-related safety discussions and demonstrate proper lifting techniques. Don’t be afraid to talk about non-work related topics as well.  That is a good way to allow your audience to know that you care about their safety off the job as well.

Here’s a way to help you give better safety discussion topics. It’s called the “Five P” Plan:

  1. Prepare. Think, write, read, listen, and organize your talks. Create a schedule with different safety related training topics every week throughout the year and post it in a high-traffic area where associates are likely to see it.
  2. Pinpoint. Don’t try to cover too much ground in one session. Focus on one main idea.
  3. Personalize. Bring the subject close to home, to make it meaningful to your listeners.
  4. Picture. Create a clear mental picture for your listeners. Use physical objects or visual aids whenever possible.
  5. Prescribe. Make sure you tell your listeners precisely what they should or should not do in order to keep themselves and their co-workers safe – and be precise.

Here are two additional words of advice: Follow up! Make it a point to observe your crew during the day following the safety discussion topic to see if they’re practicing what you preached. It is always a good measure to go up to employees and ask “what was the safety discussion topic today?” This is a great way to create further discussions around safety and to ensure they will be listening to the discussion topics in the future.

How do you promote safety in the workplace?