Can your staffing provider weather a crisis? Ask these 5 questions to find out.

May 4, 2020 Kassandra Barnes

Crises are bound to happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s forces of nature, global pandemics or economic uncertainty you need to have providers in your corner that cannot only weather the storm—but help your business grow long term.

How do you evaluate if your provider can stand up to any crisis?

  1. Reach –How many locations do they have? Do they operate in multiple countries? How many workers and companies do they connect to annually?
  2. Stability – One easy way to understand if a provider can weather the storm is understanding their financial position.
  3. Access – Ask questions on if they have technologies that help them operate 24/7 or if they offer virtual tools to recruit digitally.
  4. Health and Safety – Are your providers staying up to date with new health and safety regulations? Even better – ask if they have dedicated safety teams completely focused on ensuring the health and safety of workers.
  5. Expertise – deep industry knowledge and local expertise is important when you’re evaluating staffing providers ability to weather a crisis. Years of expertise means they have seen multiple crises come their way and can tell you how they handled each one.

At Staff Management | SMX, we know partnering with the right staffing provider is essential to keeping your operations running and growing.

With over three decades of experience, we stand strong with businesses and communities. Learn more about what we can do to help you now, and beyond a crisis.

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