What Our New Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification Means to You

worker's-compensation-risk-certification_blog_staff-management-SMXToday Risk Control Services (RCS) announced that we completed the comprehensive Best Practice Verification Process required for Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification (WRC) and have earned the prestigious WRC designation. RCS Chief Executive Officer Bill Nagel said in the announcement that RCS was “pleased to further validate Staff Management | SMX as an industry leader, specifically in the arena of employee safety.”

What is Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification?

RCS and the American Staffing Association (ASA) established the ISO-9000 type designation to provide an industry standard of operational excellence in the area of safety and risk management. WRC provides third-party credentialing of best-in-class staffing industry practices and is awarded to firms which operate above the safety and risk management standards established by industry leadership.

To earn the WRC designation, companies undergo a rigorous assessment of their operational practices. The results are compared against a system of best practices developed by an advisory council of insurance carriers, insurance brokers, staffing industry risk managers and American Staffing Association (ASA) executives. Richard Wahlquist, President of ASA, says of the WRC designation, “it sets apart those staffing companies who lead our industry.”

What WRC Certification Means to You

Our WRC designation provides our clients with third party validation that we are following best-in-class operating procedures for safety and risk management. We partner with clients who advocate the highest standards for safety and risk management and we strive to uphold the same principles and to place only the most qualified associates at their worksites.

“Staff Management | SMX has exceptional resources in the area of safety and risk management. They are above par as compared with like profiled staffing firms and meet the WRC best-in-class standards at both their Staffing Center of Excellence and their Vendor on Premise locations. Staff Management | SMX has a superior competency in the areas of screening and hiring, personnel record keeping, client safety program integration and staff member education and training. They pursue their mission of elevating productivity and delivering excellence at their client sites with risk management and safety at top of mind.” Bill Nagel, CEO of RCS

We completed the WRC certification process to continue to raise the bar on safety and risk management, reduce workplace injuries, protect our associates and provide our clients with best-in-class service. The WRC program is another tangible opportunity to promote effective safety partnerships between our company and our clients.

Learn more about our certification and the WRC designation.