The Newly Revamped IMAGE Program – How Changes May Affect You

U.S. Department of Homeland SecurityThe U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released a newly revised IMAGE (ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers) Program. ICE is extending an open hand to employers by offering simplified program requirements and an easier participation process. After enrolling, companies will be declared “IMAGE Certified”. By opening up the IMAGE program to a wider range of companies, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) hopes the IMAGE Certified distinction will become an industry standard for employment practices. As an IMAGE charter member, Staff Management is in support of the expansion and we hope that the new program requirements will help bring the entire staffing industry into compliance with employment laws.

To enroll in the new IMAGE program companies must:

  • Enroll in the E-verify Program within 60 days of joining
  • Establish an internal compliance program
  • Submit to a Form I-9 audit (1-9 audit results do not have to be perfect. ICE will help employers mitigate issues and bring them into compliance)

As a trusted partner ICE will:

  • Mitigate certain fines and use the form I-9 audit as a teaching tool
  • Assist employers in coming into compliance with the law
  • Agree not to conduct another I-9 audit for two years

IMAGE is hosting forums across the country. Find a forum at a city near you to learn more about IMAGE, get training and sign up for the program.

I will be attending the IMAGE forum in Chicago on June 28, 2011, on behalf of Staff Management | SMX. I hope you can join us!  For those that can’t make it, we will post a full forum recap here.