5 staffing and recruiting trends in 2023

March 22, 2023 Christina DeBusk

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Methods used to attract and retain talented employees often vary from one year to the next. Staying on top of the most current trends allows companies to be competitive in their staffing efforts. With this in mind, here are five staffing and recruiting trends that we are expected to see in 2023.

#1: Remote work continues, potentially even increasing

Remote work increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly because of orders to stay at home and practice social distancing. Yet, results from a 2021 Gallup study suggest that this trend is not only here to stay, but also likely to increase.

This increase may be due, in part, to 91% of workers wanting to continue remote work at least part of the time. Additionally, three in 10 workers indicate that they will look for other another job if they’re not allowed to work virtually.

#2: AI plays a greater role in staffing processes

Another trend expected in 2023 is a greater reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) when recruiting new staff. This technology is also expected to be used in other ways according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), some of which include identifying workforce skills gaps, analyzing employee engagement and answering current staff’s frequently asked questions.

To help protect against known AI issues, such as when the data is used to limit opportunities or prevent access to certain resources, the White House has created a Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. This guideline identifies the principles that businesses should follow when using AI, such as protecting against “algorithmic discrimination” and providing data privacy.

#3: Social media remains a “powerful” recruitment tool

Data collected by Finances Online, a service that provides research and reviews for various types of software, indicates that 94% of recruiters use social media to post jobs and network with potential candidates. Additionally, it was a company’s social media presence that made 59% of employees want to join that organization.

HubSpot calls social media a “powerful hiring channel” that offers many benefits when used to recruit new employees. Namely, it allows businesses to better target their desired demographic while also providing candidates greater visibility of their work.

#4: Talent retention takes center stage

A 2023 survey of almost 1,000 employees revealed that organizations are attempting to improve employees’ experiences this year by focusing on talent retention. This can help reduce turnover rates which can cost a company financially and in terms of productivity.

HRO Today shares a few retention strategies that can be helpful in 2023. They are to:

  • Increase trust and accountability with workers, such as by transitioning from managing staff to coaching them instead
  • Develop a workplace culture that is retention-focused, which includes listening to employee feedback
  • Support the well-being of your staff, which can be accomplished by addressing issues related to employee burnout, offering access to mental health programs and providing a diverse array of wellness coaches
  • Give employees better childcare options, like offering backup childcare for 60 days or lengthening paid maternal and paternal leave
  • Use augmented and virtual reality to help train and engage staff, such as teaching them how to lead meetings more effectively or helping them learn ways to engage in critical conversations with other staff

#5: Diversity and inclusion efforts rise

A fifth staffing and recruiting trend to watch for in 2023, according to Recruiter Flow, is that more companies will pursue and track diversity and inclusion efforts. This will help eliminate potential biases in the recruiting and hiring process.

Ensuring that the workplace environment is diverse also adds several benefits, some of which include increased innovation and creativity, in addition to boosting profits.

If you need help with staffing and recruiting in 2023, we are here to help. We offer several personalized staffing solutions designed to fit your specific needs.

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