Benefits of remote call centers for vaccine scheduling

February 11, 2021 Casey Nighbor

Vaccine scheduling has become a logistics nightmare for many operations. Either they don’t have a system in place, or they don’t have enough staff to do this necessary and extremely important work.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. A trusted staffing partner can provide a remote call center for your vaccine rollout. And while it is not the traditional call center set up (because these are not ordinary times), a remote call center still offers the same benefits and more.

1. Access to bilingual agents

A big problem being seen across the country is the lack of accessibility for many citizens. This has often been because vaccine scheduling and forms are only in English. With a remote call center by a trusted staffing partner, you can utilize bilingual agents. These agents can help ensure everyone has equal access to the vaccine and can schedule with ease.

2. Mitigate COVID-19 risk

Being remote means minimizing infection risk. Not only does this keep everyone safe, it also reduces absences and the chance of a full shutdown. Your operation can keep running smoothly with everyone doing their jobs remotely.

3. Cover all time zones

Working with a remote call center offers the benefit of full coverage. You are not limited to one area of operation and therefore can hire across the country to cover multiple times of day. In these desperate times, these little efficiencies can really add up.

4. Get help quickly

Going remote can open up more opportunities to get a staff in place quickly. Many people are looking for remote jobs for health and safety reasons. By building a remote call center, you are opening up the candidate pool significantly and can get up and running even faster.

Interested in creating a remote call center for vaccine scheduling? We can help.

Staff Management | SMX  are experts at scaling up quickly and recruiting the most qualified candidates for a remote call center. Contact us today to get started.

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