Key Questions to Ask Before Expanding Your MSP Globally

Global MSPOn May 25, 2011, I had the privileged watching the presentation at the HRO Today Forum with one of our valued client partners, Margie Durham, Global Human Resources Services Director at Dell. The interactive panel Going Global with Your MSP Program: Lessons from Dell shared critical success factors and lessons learned from the global expansion of our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program from initial U.S. implementation in 2006, to Latin America in 2008, to Europe in 2010 and most recently to India.

The lively discussion covered a lot of ground, including key drivers for global expansion, cost savings components and when to consider a limited version of an MSP program versus a full-service program.

A key takeaway was the “Go or no go?” discussion which outlined key items that should be in place before a global expansion:

  1. Do you have access to contracts, pricing, invoices, supplier contracts, headcount data, job titles and descriptions?
  2. Have you established clearly defined, time-bound and validated ROI?
  3. Are critical in-country and corporate stakeholders involved?
  4. Do you and your MSP provider have a thorough knowledge of local country labor laws?
  5. Do you have a full understanding of your internal organization’s global financial capabilities and tools?
  6. Is your Vendor Management System (VMS) scalable?

If you answer “no” to even one of these questions – proceed with caution!

What key questions are you asking as you consider expanding your MSP program globally?