Green Resolution


The holiday season is highlighted as the time to give and to start thinking about goals and resolutions for the New Year. In 2006, Staff Management | SMX resolved to have a greater focus on green initiatives, almost seven years later, we continue to evolve towards becoming a more environmentally conscious and energy efficient company.

We have taken several steps towards reaching our goal including; replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFL and LED options, adding programmable thermostats, motion-sensor light switches, EnergyStar office machines, EPA approved cleaning supplies, auto-flush on toilets/urinals, using rechargeable batteries for all battery operated electronics, low-flow aerators on all faucets, using low to no VOC paints on all walls and ensuring that all the construction materials we use can be recycled or reused. Most recently, we made it easy for our employees to join the effort by exclusively offering plant-based and compostable disposable cutlery, plates and cups and adding re-useable ceramic cups instead of disposable cups/lids/straws.

For the past two years, Staff Management | SMX has participated in the Chicago Green Office Challenge, a friendly competition that helps participants engage in environmental sustainability and aids in the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from commercial buildings. Our company was proud to achieve a first tier this year. Additionally, for the past three years, our office services team has produced reused/reusable holiday trees and they continue to improve and impress each year! This year’s structure is created from leftover off-cuts of MDF (medium density fiberboard), leftover coffee sleeves, scrap paper and unused disposable cups. We hope you like this year’s “green” trees and are inspired to make environmentally sound decisions of your own!

Can you suggest any other green resolutions for us to try in 2013?