Workplace Compliance Outlook: Actionable Expert Advice

Workplace-Compliance-Developments-for-2018-What-You-Need-to-Know_Blog_Staff-Management-SMX_2018As an employer, you can’t afford to fall behind on the workplace regulatory landscape. Complacency is not an option. Every year, new regulations enter the legal landscape at the federal, state and local level.

Whether it’s upholding new safety standards or making sure that your hiring practices are up to date for each jurisdiction in which you operate, there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to workplace compliance.

Then it gets even more complicated. Every year, legal challenges can mean new developments. And the cost for any error can be quite consequential.

In 2017, the top 10 government enforcement actions settled for $485.25 million, which was up drastically from $52.3 million in 2016. So what’s in store for 2018?

While we all know that there are potential legal and financial risks for noncompliance, the question around workplace compliance is bigger than just sticking to the letter of the law.

The regulatory landscape changes because culture changes.

For instance, just over twenty years ago, cannabis was prohibited nationwide in the U.S. Today, employers must consider how medical and recreational marijuana laws might impact their human resources decisions.

Likewise, the #MeToo movement has galvanized the dialogue surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace.

While it’s not a new topic, the movement’s visibility highlights the importance of compliance when it comes to harassment training and inclusive workforce initiatives.

Businesses that don’t evolve with the compliance landscape miss out on potential customers, potential talent and innovations in operational efficiency.

On the other hand, when your business is compliant, you could see a host of benefits, including improved operational performance, better public image and higher workforce retention.

So how can you ensure the best for your business? How can you learn which corporate compliance issues are the most important for today’s HR practice?

And how can you ensure that your staffing partner will keep your contingent workforce compliant too?

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