Talent Acquisition in the Industrial Evolution

Talent Acquisition in the Industrial Evolution

The manufacturing industry is undergoing major changes. Driven by an improved economic climate and advancements in engineering and technology systems, these developments are paving the way for a technical-centric industrial evolution – more often referred to as the fourth Industrial revolution. The term evolution is intentionally used here because the way in which we manufacture and distribute products has evolved and will continue to change with new and improved technology.

This evolution represents the beginning of a new era in the manufacturing industry, one where robots and machines rule. Many fear that robotic systems will replace humans, however, let’s remember that people built those robots, people programmed the automation required for their utilization and the hardware and mechanics that hold them together, and it is people that will make adjustments and improvements to these systems as needed. While these robots may replace positions with highly repetitive and easily automated tasks, they’ve also created a need for highly skilled and technical jobs, as well as more maintenance-level roles, engineers and line operators.

In order to keep pace with this technical-centric industrial evolution, businesses will need to adjust their talent acquisition strategies. To avoid the cost of a slow hiring process, decreased production rates and employee burnout, companies should consider the benefits of engaging the help of an external recruitment partner. External recruiters can help to fill the gaps of traditional HR departments and meet talent acquisition needs more quickly and effectively. Here are a few of the benefits of working with an external recruiter.

  • External recruiters can uncover inconsistencies among internal departments involved in the hiring process – HR, talent acquisition, hiring managers – regarding qualifications and skill requirements for a position. Having a third party who can recognize and bring awareness to these incongruities will ensure that everyone is on the same page and has the same expectations.
  • Unlike in-house talent acquisition teams, external recruiters are trained in the art of sales. They specialize in building relationships with potential clients and articulating the benefits of their service. Recruiting is similar to sales in that it requires the same process of establishing trust and maintaining relationships with candidates.
  • A prolonged hiring process can cause you to lose out on top talent. External recruiters source and interview candidates from specific labor markets day in and day out. They work quickly to fill your role because they are well versed in the skills and qualifications and their salary depends on a timely and quality hire.

Technology may be changing the way manufacturers operate but keeping pace with this industrial evolution doesn’t have to be a challenge. A talent acquisition strategy focused on higher skilled labor will be necessary and partnering with an external recruitment agency can help you source this talent more quickly and easily. There are a number of benefits that can come from working with external recruiters such as uncovered inconsistencies in the hiring process, expertise in relationship building and shortened time-to-fill. If your manufacturing operation is struggling to find highly skilled talent, contact Staff Management SMX today. Our Recruitment and Placement Solutions (RPS) can help get you the quality hires you need to stay competitive in this tech-driven market.

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