5 Key Practices to Expect from Your Recruiter

5-key-practices-to-expect-from-your-recruiter_blog_staff-management-smxAt its most basic level, recruitment is all about the ability of the recruiter to provide a client with top talent. The recruiter’s goal is to secure great candidates who could become valuable team members at their client’s organization. For that to happen, the relationship between the client and the recruiter needs to be strong and productive. Here are five key practices you should expect when you contract an experienced recruiter.

1. A clear timeline

What is the time frame for filling the position? How soon does the recruiter expect to interview candidates? How soon do you need the candidate to start? There’s always a trade-off between prolonging the search and making a decision. Maybe you can hold out for a long time, but you’ll wait forever if you’re looking for the type of unattainable candidate described by LinkedIn’s head of recruiting Brendan Browne as a purple squirrel. When it comes to sourcing a new hire, work with your recruiter to establish a manageable deadline for acquiring the best candidate.

2. An understanding of the position and what you’re looking for in a candidate

What skills and specializations are must-haves? How would you describe the company culture? What soft skills do you hope your new hire will bring to the table? Just because you’re negotiating between your ideal time frame and your ideal candidate, don’t assume your recruiter shouldn’t be looking for in-demand attributes when sourcing candidates.

3. An understanding of your industry and the market

Your recruiter should be able to use in-depth market analytics to determine effective methods for attracting talent. A comprehensive analysis will help a skilled recruiter create a strategic solution for sourcing talent. The tools they use may be different from industry to industry, but the key is to be sure that your recruiter knows what your industry demands and what your market can realistically offer.

4. A good communication plan

As we’ve shared before, it’s important to establish open communication with your recruiter. They should learn your preferred communication channels and maintain regular contact throughout the process. Be sure to establish clear expectations for a communication plan. You and your recruiter should decide on a schedule for regular check-ins over the phone or through email as well as guidelines for how and when to follow up about information pertaining to top candidates.

5. Professionalism, support and respect

The hallmarks of a good recruiter are also evident in everyday interactions. Do they use language that reflects your organization’s values? Do they respond to your inquiries in a friendly and helpful manner? Do they meet or exceed deadlines and rise to challenges? Just as you expect these qualities from your new hire, you should expect them from your recruiter.

A recruiter who displays strong professionalism and communication skills will have the chops to represent your organization in a positive manner while following through to fulfill your requirements. A true pro will also display adaptability and a knowledge of the trends that are shaping your industry. When you enlist the services of a recruiter who brings these qualities to the table, you can rest assured that you’ll achieve your goals together – you’ll fill open positions with top talent.

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