2 Big Reasons to Work with a Hyperlocal Staffing Partner


From news to politics and from beer to crafts, the trend toward all things local is a widespread phenomenon. When it comes to staffing, industry-leading businesses expect to be able to contract workers through a local supplier.

But is it enough for your staffing partner to be local? What if they could be hyperlocal?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “hyperlocal” as “extremely … local.” The term has been around since at least 1900, and its usage has grown since the dawn of cable news and the growth of the internet. In today’s news landscape, you don’t have to settle for broad-based coverage of your media market; journalists and bloggers cover events on your block in real time.

So when it comes to staffing, why settle for local anymore? Why not expect a hyperlocal staffing partner – one that sets up shop inside your operation to become part of your team and community.

What sets a hyperlocal staffing partner apart from its competitors?

A hyperlocal staffing partner upholds its reputation for being “extremely local” by going above and beyond the basic expectations of a local partner. The basic expectation of a local staffing partner is that they’ll quickly provide you with qualified contingent workers from the community and surrounding areas.

A hyperlocal staffing partner travels from their headquarters to your facility to integrate into your workplace with an onsite staffing solution that provides highly-aligned management of your contingent workforce. An exceptional hyperlocal staffing partner goes even further by investing in the well-being of the communities in which it operates.

Hyperlocal Partners Get the Job Done Better

It’s a common misconception that if a staffing provider doesn’t have a branch in your community, they can’t serve you as well as a local provider. While some national providers may struggle to compete at the local level, those that engage with community partners and provide onsite solutions can outperform their local competitors.

If you need a scalable solution with a high volume of contingent workers for your facility, you’ll likely require a staffing partner who can offer advanced forecasting capabilities, operational expertise and proactive day-to-day workforce management inside your facility – all of which are hard to come by in a local provider.

So if staying local is important to you, but you need more than a local provider can offer, choosing an onsite staffing partner with a national footprint can offer you the best of both worlds.

Not only does an onsite partner fully immerse themselves into your facility to become hyperlocal and develop intimate operational knowledge, they also immerse themselves in your community to better understand the recruitment market and how to attract local candidates most effectively.

When working with a hyperlocal staffing partner, you’ll benefit from the administrative efficiency of a nationally-headquartered centralized support team as well as the individualized service of an onsite team that is fully dedicated to your operation.

Exceptional Hyperlocal Partners Support the Communities They Serve

With the time-saving administrative support of centralized teams, exceptional onsite partners can express their hyperlocality by volunteering time, energy and resources to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

In Oakland, California, Staff Management | SMX recently partnered with the Urban Mentors Network, a community-based service that provides mentoring to East Oakland’s youth, to sponsor their 2016 holiday party. As part of that commitment, our team members painted faces, supervised games, donated gifts and had a blast. In fact, they’ll be coming back to get involved in the Urban Mentor Network’s upcoming event An Evening of Talents and Spoken Word.

Farther up the west coast in Seattle, our team members joined with the Wetland Plant Cooperative of the King Conservation District to support wetland restoration and the health of native plant life.

Over in Reno, Staff Management | SMX volunteers participated in the Point in Time Count for homeless youth in Washoe County. The count was coordinated by community agencies Our Center and the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project. At this event, organizers attempted to get a headcount of all homeless youth in the area to gather information about this population and determine how to best meet their needs. Youth who stopped by the tent could get a meal, pick up a backpack and receive goods like toiletries and clothing. The Staff Management | SMX team helped distribute goods and provided lunch for other volunteers.

Meanwhile, more than 2,500 miles away in Washington, D.C., our team leaders joined forces with So Others Might Eat (SOME) to provide breakfast for more than 400 people. SOME provides free health care and laundry services as well as groceries and hot food to residents of the District who need assistance.

Bottom Line

The message from hyperlocal, onsite staffing partners like Staff Management | SMX is clear. To be an involved and highly-aligned partner, it’s best to be an onsite contributor. That goes for partnering with community organizations to fight hunger and homelessness, and it holds true for staffing partnerships as well.

When a hyperlocal staffing partner comes to your facility, not only should your staffing program benefit, but your community should benefit too.

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