Why Should You Consider Direct Hire Support?

Hiring a new employee involves a degree of uncertainty and risk. Carrying out this process internally amplifies that risk even more because of the extensive time, money and resources you need to allocate to it. At the bare minimum, the recruitment process involves:

  • Job descriptions
  • Job postings
  • Interviews
  • Research and vetting

On your own, that’s a lot. The recruitment and hiring process can result in stretching yourself too thin. After all, you’re trying to find the time to pick apart resumes and schedule interviews around your day-to-day duties. Doing so can postpone the search, stop and restart its progress or contribute to overlooking quality candidates.

The good news is that this process doesn’t have to be allocated internally. Partnering with a firm that provides direct hire recruitment and placement solutions can diminish those costs and pressures while boosting the odds of finding a well-suited candidate. A well-connected direct hire recruitment firm will not only broaden your access to skilled talent but expand your knowledge of the job market.

Greater access to skilled talent

Simply put, a direct hire recruitment firm’s business is your business. The best direct hire pros devote between three and a half and five hours a day talking to potential candidates; they spend the rest sourcing, researching and verifying.

Recruitment firms dedicate teams of professionals to specialize in:

  • The trends in your industry: skills that are in demand, who’s getting hired and why
  • The industry talent pool: how to analyze it, how to navigate it and how to benefit from it
  • The tricks of the trade: recruiting best practices, behavior-based questions, strategies, etc.

Day in and day out, direct hire recruiters are looking for talent. They talk to thousands of job seekers, read countless job descriptions and parse through piles of resumes. They’re trained in analyzing a candidate’s skills, quantifying them and mapping them onto your open positions. A direct hire recruiter can devote their entire day to searching for the perfect candidate to fit a job description.

Expanded knowledge of the job market

Direct hire recruitment firms understand the complexities of hiring. They understand the realities of the current job-seeker’s market and they understand what motivates and attracts top talent. Working together, the direct hire firm and your organization can customize the entire hiring process including:

  • The right talent networks
  • The right skills and experience
  • The right interview tactics
  • The right salary range
  • The right cultural fit

This customized consultation will help candidates more readily acclimate to your organization because a team of experts has already made sure those candidates are a good fit for the company culture.

The risks of not buying in

A bad hire can do as much damage, if not more, as not hiring anyone at all. It can:

  • Depress your workplace culture
  • Increase pressure and stress on high-performing employees
  • Disrupt long-held goodwill and communication between you and your customers

Not to mention, a bad hire can cost you money. According to CareerBuilder, 27 percent of U.S. employers report losing more than $50,000 on bad hires. Among them was Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh who claimed bad hires cost his company well over $100 million over the course of 11 years.

While the costs of working with a direct-hire firm can seem daunting at first, think about the costs associated with hiring a candidate who is a bad fit for your organization. The amount of time and money lost on training, onboarding, rework, and wasting resources on the bad hire will far exceed the costs of working with a direct hire firm up front.

In the end, it’s about talent

What’s a good employee truly worth? It’s hard to say, but without a good hire performing valuable tasks, your company is losing money daily. You’re straining your existing resources, either trying to hunt for a new candidate or trying to compensate for poor performance.

With a direct hire firm, you are increasing your chances of finding a high-caliber candidate. Customized support, greater access to skilled talent and sophisticated recruiting methods are crucial advantages. In a job-seeker’s market, these benefits are immeasurable. They are the keys to unlocking more workforce talent.