Value Roadmap: 8 Ways to Drive Staffing Program ROI

Value RoadmapAs contingent labor continues to grow in importance, companies must look to their staffing programs for ways to drive additional value. With the ever changing economic climate, delivering significant value for your company’s investment in contingent labor is more critical than ever.

Our Value Roadmap provides 8 key strategies that can help you re-engineer your staffing program to create new opportunities to drive value and realize a greater return on investment.

  1. Start by standardizing: Establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for consistent service delivery and policy adherence.
  2. Move to an end-to-end platform supported by technology: Deploy a Managed Service Program with a Vendor Management System for program management, approval process, compliance, supplier management, visibility, and reporting and analytics.
  3. Accelerate towards greater risk mitigation: Apply a comprehensive compliance  program inclusive of best practices in workforce screening and classification,  co-employment management, unionization education, safety and security management, and compliance auditing.
  4. Advance program value with systems integrations: Build integrations to financial, HR, security, production and other systems to keep data consistent and accurate, policies enforced and processes efficient with end-to-end automation.
  5. Approach creative features: Implement performance-based and production based pricing models to drive greater program value, and performance based associate compensation models to drive improved performance and efficiencies.
  6. Drive greater efficiencies: Engineer contingent or company workforce costs out through integration of specific quality and efficiency programs, hours management and outsourcing of traditional responsibilities.
  7. Steer towards new horizons: Expand services to additional spend categories such as 1099, payroll services, Statement of Work (SOW), learning and development and other complex services.
  8. Go global, balancing standardization and localization: Create a global program expansion strategy that allows for regional flexibility, local business case development and program configuration that works culturally and legislatively.

For more information on how to provide value through contingent staffing programs, please download the Value Roadmap.

How do you drive ROI in your staffing programs?