Elizabeth Hand is Staff Management | SMX’s 2017 Associate of the Year

Take a look around.

Chances are you’re surrounded by dozens of man-made products. Whether it’s the pen in your pocket, the computer at your desk or the car you drove to work today, before these items made their way to you, they were created by hardworking individuals on production lines, many of whom are contingent workers. Elizabeth Hand, known as Beth by her team, works as a quality inspector for Staff Management | SMX at Vitro (PGW, LLC) in Tipton, Pennsylvania. Vitro (PGW, LLC) is a global supplier of automotive glass as well as glass technologies and services.

Since joining the Staff Management | SMX family in 2007, Beth has established herself as an invaluable and respected member of the team. In fact, Beth has been recognized for perfect attendance in 8 out of the 10 years she’s been with Staff Management | SMX, having not missed a single day since 2010. Beth’s supervisors depend on her knowledge of the job as well as her consistency and reliability every working day. Her unmatched attention to detail has been instrumental in ensuring that only the highest quality products pass through the doors at Vitro (PGW, LLC).

Because of her commitment to quality, she has established an excellent relationship with the client. “I have worked with Beth on several special projects. She has always been extremely dependable and ready to adapt to new requirements and respond to the customers’ requests. To top it off, she does it all with a positive attitude!” said Dave Misera, the quality engineer at Vitro (PGW, LLC). Despite being a trusted associate for the Vitro (PGW, LLC) team, Beth has opted to stay with Staff Management | SMX since she appreciates the flexibility that contingent work delivers.

Beth has been certified to perform tasks in 18 different production roles. Regardless of her daily assignment, she consistently performs with high levels of care, efficiency and pride. This dedication is rooted in Beth’s determination to perform with exceptional quality 100 percent of the time. “It’s the satisfaction of doing the job right,” Beth said when asked what her favorite part of the job was. “It’s knowing that I’ve done the best that I can in ensuring the quality of the product.”

Not only does Beth excel at any job she is given, she has established herself as a trusted trainer. She is always willing to provide support and guidance to her peers. “Beth is highly regarded by all of her co-workers due to her wealth of knowledge on the job,” said Andrew Key, a senior account manager for Staff Management | SMX. “She is extremely approachable and always willing to teach new and tenured associates.”

When Beth isn’t busy helping her Staff Management | SMX and Vitro (PGW, LLC) teams, she enjoys spending time with her family at home. She can often be found playing with her grandchildren or spending time with her husband on her days off.

National Staffing Employee Week presents us all with the opportunity to recognize the individuals who make this industry move – individuals who truly deserve to be recognized year-round. We recognize the associates who work part time between college classes, those who are looking for a change of pace, the ones who work long hours and who truly love what they do, and those who have found their calling through temporary work. We recognize individuals like Beth.