Staffing Employment Trends – December 2011

According to the latest research from Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 120,000 nonfarm employment jobs have been added in November from the previous month. This marks a 1.23% increase in nonfarm employment for the month of November versus 2010. 140,000 total jobs in the private sector were added in November, up 1.74% from November 2010.

Retail trade, temporary help, leisure and hospitality, health and professional services were among the sectors that gained jobs last month while government, construction and information were among the sectors that lost jobs. 22,300 temporary jobs were added last month, making it a 7.8% increase versus November 2010.

The total U.S. unemployment rate comes in at 8.64% for the month of November. That marks a 0.45% decrease in the unemployment rate over the past three months. The number of unemployed was down 594,000, to 13.3 million. Additionally, the job opening to job layoff gap is continuing to improve. However, the overall employment growth still remains weak by other post-recession standards and initial unemployment claims remain high in Western states.