Staffing Employment Trends – April 2012

120,000 new jobs were added in the month of March, a 1.45% percent increase versus March 2011. Private employment also added jobs, with 121,000 positions being added – a 1.93% increase from March 2011. Temporary employment suffered a small set-back in March, losing 7,500 jobs, the worst temporary job report since June according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, even with this loss,temporary positions have still remained at an 8% increase in temporary jobs year-over-year.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the Purchasing Manager’s Manufacturing Index remains in positive territory for another month with new unemployment claims continuing to travel downward to 8.2%. In fact, the Purchasing Indices for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing positions show a strong level of expansion.

Employment rose in the manufacturing, food services and health care sectors, but was down in retail trade and government jobs saw little change. Manufacturing employment rose by 37,000 in March, with gains in motor vehicles and parts (+12,000), machinery (+7,000), fabricated metals (+5,000) and paper manufacturing (+3,000). Employment in professional and business services continued to trend up in March. Employment in the industry has grown by 1.4 million since a recent low point in September 2009, as reported by the BLS.