Safety in the Workplace – How to Create Safe Attitudes

safety-in-the-workplace_blog_staff-management-SMXAt Staff Management | SMX, we pride ourselves in upholding the highest standards when it comes to workplace safety. Safety must be a team effort between ourselves, our clients and our employees in order to create the safest possible work environment.

Both employers and employees are responsible for ensuring that Federal and State OSHA laws for health and safety are being followed:

  • Federal and State OSHA establish safety and health standards
  • Employers (both Staff Management | SMX and our clients) provide equipment, training and safe work procedures
  • Employees follow safety rules, keep alert to hazards, and use good judgment while they work

Safety standards should be communicated to all employees to keep it top of mind. One way we do this is through our daily safety discussion topics. We also promote safety through safe attitudes – that is encouraging our associates, management team and client team to have a serious, informed outlook on safety.

Having an unsafe attitude means:

  • Being uninformed about hazards and precautions
  • Being complacent about safety
  • Being careless while you work
  • Letting emotions interfere with work
  • Being selfish and failing to think about co-workers’ safety
  • Not getting enough rest and letting fatigue put you at risk

Having a safe attitude means:

  • Being informed about safety issues
  • Taking safety seriously
  • Keeping alert while you work
  • Staying focused on what you’re doing
  • Being team-oriented and taking responsibility for your own and others’ safety
  • Making sure you are fit to work safely every day

Creating a safe environment for yourself in turn creates a safe environment for everyone around you.

How do you promote safe attitudes for a safe workplace?