Why you shouldn’t be wary of changing vendors during crisis

January 13, 2021 Casey Nighbor

By now, you’ve heard the term “unprecedented times” perhaps one time too many. And while the term is quite overused, it doesn’t change that we are, in fact, in unprecedented times. Most businesses are still trying to navigate this new landscape we’re all in and many are skeptical of making changes when everything seems so up in the air.

However, this might be a great time to make some of those changes because problems with staffing vendors have most likely become glaringly apparent. Having the right partner can make or break an operation—especially during critical times. And right now, most operations cannot afford to have someone that isn’t making their business better, safer or more efficient. An onsite model provider can help you reach your business goals, even during a pandemic.

But what are the benefits of switching to an onsite provider?  

  • Personalized support: Onsite staffing providers aren’t at a separate location and you aren’t competing with other companies for qualified staff. They have dedicated onsite team delivering real-time support right in your operation and are focused solely on you. During this pandemic or any other crisis that comes up, this means that you have a team focused completely on getting the job done with whatever hurdles you are facing.
  • Increased safety and compliance: An onsite staffing provider can mitigate compliance and safety risks based on your unique needs. Right now, that means keeping your staff safe and your facility clean. Past this, it means making sure your operation has the proper safety protocols as well as staying compliant with local, state and federal employment regulations.
  • Better employee experience: Employees want consistency as much as you do. With an onsite partner, you can create consistent policies and they can help you manage day to day employment issues.
  • Increased efficiency at a lower cost: Our output-based model is all the benefits of onsite plus a workforce solution that helps you reach your goals without going over budget or sacrificing quality. It also cushions you from the unexpected. Any changes in personnel, workforce costs and revenue are already handled by our team.

Making changes right now doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. If your staffing provider isn’t giving you what you need, then it’s time to make a switch. Partnering with a trusted company like Staff Management | SMX or SIMOS Solutions can help make your business even better during this great time of upheaval. We’re dedicated to helping you transition easily to our solution and get the results you want quickly.

Want to learn more about the next steps? Let’s talk about what switching providers would look like.

Not sure if your current provider is giving you what you need? Here’s a checklist to evaluate.

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