How to attract the next generation of workers

July 12, 2022 Ray Seidel

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People who are just now entering the workforce are part of Generation Z. This generation includes those born in 1997 or later, replacing millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) as the newest group looking for work. 

If you’re interested in appealing to this generation of workers, there are a few things you can do to help attract their attention.

Promote a diverse work environment

When promoting your openings, include images of employees from all racial groups. This tells potential applicants that your company provides a diverse work environment, which is even more important with Generation Z as data collected by Pew Research Center indicates that the racial makeup of this group is:
•    52% Non-Hispanic White
•    24% Hispanic
•    14% Black
•    6% Asian
•    5% Other Race or Multi-Race

Also talk about diversity and inclusion on your website and social media pages. Make it obvious that you welcome employees from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Offer training opportunities

Pew data adds that Gen Zers are expected to be the most highly-educated generation of all. You can capitalize on their thirst for knowledge by offering your workers access to regular training sessions. This shows your commitment to making sure they have the information they need to further their careers.

Training doesn’t just have to focus on professional development, either. Help your employees succeed in their personal lives by offering educational courses on financial growth, stress relief, or improvements in health. 

Focus on your company culture

A recent survey found that almost half of prospective employees said company culture is a deciding factor in whether or not to submit an application. And 88% said it was at least a relatively important factor. 

If you want to attract the next generation of workers, let them know the type of culture your company provides. Talk about your mission and vision. Share your core values so they also know what qualities they can expect to be upheld should they decide to apply.

Provide work-life balance

Research conducted by Springtide Research Institute indicates that almost three in four Gen Zers feel that having a balance between work and life is important. So, talk about how your job openings provide this ability. 

If you offer flexible scheduling, for instance, let applicants know this upfront. Remote work opportunities and work programs designed to help employees with young children are worth a mention as well.

Update your technology 

Generally speaking, every generation is better with technology than the last. Therefore, if your equipment or software programs are out of date or antiquated in any way, you might find it more difficult to attract this younger group of workers. 

While updating your tech is a good first step, don’t forget to mention any recent upgrades in your job posts. Let potential applicants know that they will be working with the most current (and most innovative) technology. Appeal to their tech-savvy side by talking about the tools they’ll have to “play” with should they be hired for the job.

Put your applications online

In keeping with Gen Z’s love for technology, they’re likely not just searching for their jobs online but want to apply online too. Give them this option on your website or, alternatively, post your listing on a job search site that accepts online applications.

The easier you can make it for the next generation of workers to apply, the more likely it is that they will. You may even enable them to submit their application when no opening exists. This gives you a steady stream of applicants while also having extra time to look over their skills and qualifications before your needs arise. This creates a win-win for you both.

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Ray Seidel is a Senior Program Manager for Recruitment & Placement Solutions (RPS). He has been in the staffing industry for 19 years. He has worked his way up on the RPS team from recruiter to project manager to his current role. He loves helping put people to work. Outside of work, he enjoys golfing (no matter what his score), practicing as an amateur baseball announcer or watching the newest season of Ozark.

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