Community Headshot Day

August 17, 2020 Brad Perkins

Reneasha Stewart (pictured, right) has an eye for people. As an account manager, she connects people and work. As a photographer, she connects with her subjects to create artistic portraits.

“I enjoy seeing emotions and making people smile," she said. "The joy of making memories that can last a lifetime and be passed down to generations is the greatest feeling in the world,” she said.

At Staff Management | SMX, she has been an integral part of the successful drive-in hiring events hosted at TG Missouri’s plant in southern Indiana. At Reneasha Stewart Photography, she specializes in portraits and recently opened a new studio that she hopes to expand into a community event space to further bring her creativity to the community.

“Being a photographer and working with Staff Management lets me get a bit more creative in events not only for my clients but also the community,” she said. “We can have a pop-up photo booth and document any of our events.”

On Aug. 4, she hosted Community Headshot Day with Change Today, Change Tomorrow in Louisville. The event provided free professional head shots, including professional clothing and makeup, for more than 50 people. Change Today, Change Tomorrow has provided food, clothing, cleaning supplies, fitness classes and toiletries to more than 10,000 marginalized people across Louisville. And it fits with Stewart's mission of helping people.

“Reneasha has always been committed to connecting with the community,” said Erin DeWeese, director of operations for Staff Management | SMX in southern Indiana. “She is always looking for new and creative ways for Staff Management to participate in programs and events, taking a genuine interest and investment in getting to know the people that we are putting to work. She sets a wonderful example of how impactful non-transactional involvement can be when building relationships and connections.”

With coordinating a studio space and times for pictures, setting up and shooting sessions with more than 50 people, it was a busy day. But even with the duty of putting together her event and promoting her business, she also showed off her passion for connecting people and work, helping bring a table for Staff Management | SMX to show off available jobs in the area.

“Reneasha’ s connections within the community help build relationships by word of mouth and referral,” DeWeese said. “Because she is so involved within the community, other companies and organizations often want her to participate in their events because they know that she will bring passion and positive energy.

Her passion for helping people began with her membership in the Zeta Phi Beta sorority at the University of Louisville, which has a strong community service connection. Through the sorority, she has participated in youth development projects, street cleanups, interview etiquette classes and study sessions with college students. Now, as a photographer and staffing professional, she continues to show what caring and investing in people can do.

“They always say a picture is worth a thousand words and I definitely want our photos to show that, yes we are involved in the business of providing people, but we are invested in our people,” Stewart said.

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