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Why You Should Consolidate From Several Suppliers to One [Infographic]

January 16, 2020 Brandon Barborka

Are you tired of the inconveniences that come from managing several different staffing suppliers at once?

It starts with your bottom line. When you work with a whole group of different suppliers, the cost for each company could be too small to drive significant price breaks. However, when you partner with one staffing supplier, not only could your larger orders command savings, but they’ll also enable you to hold your partner accountable for delivering higher ROI to your staffing program.

Additionally, consolidating to one staffing supplier ensures consistency. With a single staffing supplier, you know that everybody in your contingent workforce is held to the same standards and has access to the same support. Reporting for your contingent workforce is already rolled up and easy to review. When you have a single point of contact and centralized invoicing for your staffing program, you’re free to turn your attention to tasks where you can add further value for your company.

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