3 ways a trusted staffing partner helps during peak season

January 29, 2020 Casey Nighbor

Managing your workforce during peak season can be incredibly stressful. With tight deadlines and high productivity expectations, the risk of burnout and turnover increase. You may find yourself losing workers at a time when you cannot afford to do so.

Using a trusted staffing partner can help alleviate the burden of hiring and managing a workforce during peak season.  Learn more about how a staffing company can help make your next peak season run smoothly.

1. Understanding work levels to achieve goals

Headcount swings are common during peak seasons because production levels can vary greatly. It’s very likely that you may find yourself short of staff on your busiest days or sending people home when things slow down.

On your busiest days during peak, not having enough workers can significantly eat into your productivity goals and put your client relationships in jeopardy. Working with a staffing partner means they would take on the responsibility of managing your workforce. They can work with you to anticipate ups and downs in headcount and demand. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have the right amount of workers to achieve your peak goals.

2. Comprehensive safety and training plans

Safety is always important but is especially important during quick production times, such as peak. A staffing partner would create a unique safety program designed to ensure safe work habits by your workforce and reducing your risk.

A staffing partner like Staff Management | SMX, performs daily safety audits on the floor so that your workforce is always safe on the job.

Training new hires can also be a burden during peak. It’s costly and time-consuming. If you don’t do it correctly, you risk inefficacy, slow production times and accidents. A staffing provider can develop standard operating procedures for onboarding, offboarding and training to reduce the burden on your internal teams.

3. Using technology to your advantage

Powerful staffing technology can bring your operation to the next level during peak. At Staff Management | SMX we use Stafftrack. It’s one-of-a-kind functionality is designed for managing order fluctuations, advanced scheduling, workforce performance analytics and comprehensive drill-down capabilities for interactive auditing to the associate level. Tracking and analyzing this data is critical to the successful management of a contingent workforce during peak.

Stafftrack provides detailed associate and operational data, consolidated program management, robust reporting capabilities that help our teams improve and refine your staffing program. It offers additional benefits that increase productivity, efficiency and drive cost savings to the bottom line.

A staffing partner like Staff Management | SMX can ensure your next peak season is your best ever.

When we manage your contingent workforce with our onsite staffing solution, your dedicated team’s sole focus is aligning staffing needs and program performance with your organization’s business objectives to provide maximum ROI during peak and beyond.

Contact us today to see how Staff Management | SMX can elevate your next peak season or download our free peak season checklist to see where you stand on preparation. 

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