Why do you need a staffing agency? Some benefits to consider

June 11, 2021 Christina DeBusk

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Staffing agencies employ approximately 16 million American workers every year. The question you may be asking is whether partnering with this type of service is right for your business.

When making your decision, it may help to recognize just a few of the benefits that a staffing agency has to offer. Here are five.

Help with recruiting, hiring, and training

Onboarding is a major process. Not only do you have to actively recruit for your open positions, but you also have to select qualified candidates, interview them, complete all of the paperwork once you decide who to hire and then the training begins. It can be exhausting.

Working with an end-to-end staffing solution assists with each of these onboarding activities. You have a partner walking beside you every step of the way, guiding you to make the best new-hire selections possible while also taking a huge portion of this burden off your staff.

Quickly fill unexpected, last-minute vacancies

It takes an average of 36 days to fill an open position according to the Society for Human Resource Management. This doesn’t even take into consideration the time that must be spent training the new hire once they are on the job.

While you may be able to get away with piling a little extra on your current staff for a bit, if you don’t get the open role filled fairly quickly, you risk burning them out. Leave it open too long and you may also fall behind in your output, potentially causing you to miss important deadlines.

Staffing agencies can help you fill your unexpected, last-minute vacancies faster. This enables you to keep your operations flowing smoothly and efficiently. It also prevents overtaxing (and potentially losing) your most valued staff.

Easy and efficient scalability

Certain times of the year are naturally busier than others. Partnering with a staffing agency can help you scale up your workforce during these months or seasons so you can easily meet the new and increased needs.

Bringing in enough staff to cover the enhanced workload offers financial savings as well. It does this by avoiding the payment of overtime, sometimes lowering this cost by as much as 55%.

Increased ability to meet output goals

On paper, an unfilled position is just a number. Yet, when it comes to day-to-day operations, having an opening in the chain can dramatically slow down your line. Your output is lowered, ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Staffing agencies can help close these gaps by helping fill open positions as quickly as possible. As a result, you are still able to meet your output goals, which means that you’re also better able to achieve (if not exceed) your business’s projections.

A partner in workplace safety

A fifth reason to work with a staffing agency is that it provides a partner in workplace safety. This is critical in today’s world where experiencing safety-related issues results in extremely damaging consequences. Minimally, this type of problem can cause your customers to lose faith in you. If they are big enough, they could force you to close your business.

Our staffing agency will work with you to ensure that operational best practices are followed and that OSHA requirements are satisfied. We also help provide workers’ compensation accountability, providing an additional layer of protection.

Yes, there are many benefits of working with a staffing agency. So, maybe the best question isn’t whether it is right for your business but, rather, how you can maximize these benefits to create a stronger and more profitable company. Contact us today and we can help you answer this too!

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