Spring Cleaning Your Safety Process

March 23, 2020 Casey Nighbor

Does your safety program need a refresh? Spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate and reset your safety policies and procedures.

Here are 3 ideas to get you started

1. Make sure training procedures are up to date

Proper training is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your associates. You should be regularly identifying safety concerns, creating new safety goals around those concerns and developing practical activities to teach safety procedures.

You should also be regularly reviewing your emergency action plan, lockout/tagout procedures and new hire training programs.

2. Maintain and check machinery and equipment

Do an audit of the machines and equipment that may cause the most injury. Ones to always check are saws, presses and plastics machinery. Then create safeguards if anything is deemed unsafe.

The safeguard must prevent hands, arms, and any other part of an associate’s body from making contact with dangerous moving parts. A good safeguarding system eliminates the possibility anyone putting parts of their body in harm.

Also ensure all equipment is properly cleaned and is checked for routine maintenance regularly.

3. Celebrate safe employees

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), companies that focus on protecting workers have nearly 50 percent fewer lost workdays. Recognize, thank and reward employees who exemplify safety. Messaging and training should always focus on preventing accidents and injuries. By making your training employee focused, you are instilling safety culture into your daily operations.

If you’re concerned that your safety procedures aren’t up to par, consider partnering with a trusted staffing firm. Staff Management | SMX has the proper safety program and procedures to make sure associates are staying safe in the workplace.

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