Celebrating Our Veterans: Kyle Mayhew

November 10, 2021 Brad Perkins

Celebrating Our Veterans: Kyle Mayhew

Being in the Marines helped influence Kyle Mayhew in many ways, instilling in him strong values of loyalty, hard work and dedication that he uses every day. Serving three combat tours of duty in Iraq for a total of 24 months between 2004-2009 also helped him become better at adapting and figuring out ways to overcome situations.

After leaving the Marine Corps as an E-5 in 2009, he moved back to Indianapolis and got a job as a general laborer for a distribution company, wrapping pallets of products for 12 hours a day. Over the next 10 years, he worked his way up to become a Team Lead, then an Operations Supervisor and eventually up to an Operations Manager. And he thanks his military service for that.

“The military helped me develop my leadership skills and problem-solving abilities,” he said. “I was always a team player but being in the Marines helped me become a stronger team player in my everyday work.”

And that led him to Staff Management | SMX. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, he was working with SIMOS Solutions, whose client didn't have the work to support an Operations Manager.

“Luckily, my bosses at SIMOS were able to help me out and got me an interview with Staff Management |SMX as an account manager,” he said, noting that he wanted to stay with the company because of the support he receives as a veteran and the teamwork shown across the company.

“Staff Management and TrueBlue do a great job of supporting me as veteran by doing things like this, saying thanks and showing me that they really care,” he said.

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