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About SMCargo: Managed Services [Info Sheet]

In the new workforce, proficiently managing labor has become critical to an organization’s ability to meet production demands while remaining lean. Managing this labor can be time-consuming and requires ever-increasing expertise as its use becomes more complex and strategic. Our SMCargo managed services operating model allows you to outsource responsibility for workforce management and specific functions or departments while we take ownership of staffing, production, quality, safety, compliance and costs.

Value Stream Integration Drives Efficiencies

Through SMCargo’s outcome-based approach, we are responsible for production results rather than just the typical key performance indicators (KPI’s) common in traditional staffing programs. We integrate into your value stream to drive efficiencies, lower costs and positively impact the outcome. Our outcome-based pricing models guarantee productivity and lower overall costs.

Complete Source for People, Process & Continuous Improvement

SMCargo solutions deliver a high quality, flexible workforce framework and provide a knowledgeable onsite operations team, proven management techniques and processes guaranteed to meet your output objectives. We deploy industrial engineers to determine optimal workflow, labor allocations, layout, work distribution, KPIs and pricing models. To read the rest of the article, please download the PDF.

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