Project Description

Thorough and specialized from acceptance and screening to delivery, SMCargo agents work with care and precision to safely build air cargo and freight for transfer on all types of ULD devices. Flexible and able to quickly assimilate into client culture, SMCargo teams use their expertise to meet exacting specifications – protecting regulatory compliance while adapting on the fly to accommodate changes in load and keep processing running like clockwork.

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Our Specialties

At SMCargo, we understand what it takes to get your fragile items to their destination safely. We work with the onsite veterinary professionals to keep your animals happy and safe, and our team is experienced with securely transporting your temperature-controlled items, like pharmaceuticals.

SMCargo knows mail. Our teams can process over 165,000 pounds of mail, per site, per day, including origin, destination, transfer, foreign and military mail.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter strategies. That’s why we tailor our onsite staffing solutions to fit your unique needs. Our onsite experts work from within your facility and remain fully immersed in your work environment from day one.

Our Proven Process

Shipping & Receiving

We receive goods with bills of lading and emergency documents received. We also facilitate quick pack and pack safe.

Acceptance Process

We verify every incoming shipment, only accepting those with bookings from a TSA Known Supplier.


Our physical inspections include X-ray and ETD


Our teams handle a variety of cargo. We assume operational responsibility and maintain strict compliance in support of government agencies and regulations.

Intake & Warehousing

We break down, inspect and manage inventory in our partners’ facilities.

99% Accuracy
99% package
processing accuracy
Increased productivity
by 46%

Onsite Staffing Experts

We processed over 3 million packages at 99% accuracy and increased productivity by 46% with volume increase of 64%

Staff Management | SMX onsite staffing model allowed our team to work smarter and leaner. That was just the sort of unique approach that we needed for this important start-up.

Client Sponsor, Director of Implementation

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