Introducing Stephanie Windham – Our Associate of the Year

associate-of-the-year-stephanie_blog_staff-management-SMXStephanie Windham is the Staff Management | SMX 2011 Associate of the Year and was a finalist for the American Staffing Association’s National Staffing Employee of the Year.  Stephanie works on assignment as a training supervisor at the Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) Mid-Ohio satellite facility in Crestline, OH. PGW is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of automotive glass and coatings. Stephanie joined the Staff Management associate team in October of 2005.

Mike Apking & Joan Davison celebrate with Stephanie.

Mike Apking & Joan Davison celebrate with Stephanie.

To celebrate Stephanie’s accomplishments, Staff Management | SMX President & COO, Joan Davison, and John Kay, Director of Operations, joined Mike Apking, Senior Account Manager, key PGW leadership and over 170 PGW and Staff Management associates to surprise Stephanie at the Mid-Ohio site on August 17, 2011.  Joan announced that Stephanie had been named Associate of the Year, thanked Stephanie for her contributions and presented her with a Cleveland Cavaliers Weekend Getaway for two.  Everyone was thrilled for Stephanie and as she accepted her award there were lots of cheers, hugs and tears of joy – it was a great day for the entire PGW-Staff Management Team!

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie joined Staff Management in 2005 with a strong manufacturing background. She began as a production associate on an assembly line which produced rear windows for automobiles.  In August of 2008, Stephanie was promoted to training supervisor. Stephanie’s journey from production associate to training supervisor was not easy. The work content was very different from the production positions that she had held for most of her career and the position required computer skills that had not been necessary for success in previous positions. However, with her fierce determination to succeed, strong work ethic, willingness to take advantage of the opportunity and the skills training provided, she overcame her challenges. Since becoming a training supervisor, Stephanie has continued to raise the bar for facility training standards in support of a significant increase in headcount and ever increasing product quality goals. Stephanie has become a success by all measures and her determination and commitment to quality have earned her the respect and loyalty of both the Staff Management team and PGW.

Stephanie and the SM Team

Stephanie and the Staff Management Team

When asked about her journey from production associate to training supervisor, Stephanie tells the story of how the opportunity came to her. “I was working on the line and my supervisor Tim said ‘we need to talk to you.’ He took me to the office and all the supervisors, our Operations Manager and Mike, our Senior Account Manager, were waiting for me. I thought, ‘uh-oh what did I do wrong,’” laughs Stephanie. “But instead, they asked me if I’d be interested in being a trainer.”

Mike Apking, Senior Account Manager for Staff Management, recalls, “My supervisors brought Stephanie to my attention for the training opportunity. She seemed like a great fit because she had proven herself on the line and had a demonstrated ability to meet productivity and yield goals. In addition to that, she stood out because she was very active on her line and was a real team player who cared about the results and the end customer – she takes the work we do here and the results very personally.”