How to Increase Associate Engagement With Daily Safety Discussions

increase-engagement-with-daily-safety-discussions_blog_staff-management-SMXIn my previous post, I shared insights into why daily safety discussion topics are important and tips on how you can create your own. This post focuses on the evolution of our discussion topics in the workplace and how we increased engagement between our temporary associates and the safety discussion topics.

As part of my role as Director of Operations with a focus on safety, I have performed accident trend analysis and reviewed industry data. It was very clear from the data that certain types of accidents occur more frequently during certain times of the year. During summer months, for example, there may be more incidents of heat exhaust and dehydration issues at the sites. To combat those incidents, a Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration weekly training was developed to be implemented in July.

Analysis also showed that there was a definite trend in accidents involving different body parts associated with a certain type of work performed. To help curb these issues, a dedicated weekly training scheduled based on the actual trends at our locations was created. That training schedule was then sent to all sites, instructing them to perform weekly safety trainings that required associates to sign a document validating the training.

This process was moderately effective, but I began to notice that many associates were not becoming engaged during a one-time, weekly document review.

To make these training sessions even more effective, we began dedicating specific training to real accidents that occurred in each site’s work environment. Industry data shows that daily safety reminders result in reducing the amount of accidents occurring in the workplace.

The tactics used to increase engagement with the training topics were:

  • A daily safety discussion schedule that coincided directly with the weekly training topic was implemented. For example, if the weekly topic was back safety, seven daily discussion points that discussed back safety were created.
  • These topics were then discussed in each pre-shift meeting for all associates.
  • To ensure each temporary employee was engaged, a question taken directly from the discussion topic was asked. This helps associates stay engaged in the topic. No one wants to be called on in front of their peers and not know the answer!

As a result, we saw an increase in associate engagement during safety discussions. We also saw that many times associates would engage in conversations among themselves discussing the safety topic and answers to questions. It was a huge success!

How do you create, capture and sustain safety discussion topics at your workplace?