CEVA Seattle – Station of the Year 2010

CEVA Seattle SMX teamPictured above is Stacey Phillips, Staff Management Account Supervisor for CEVA Seattle, with some of her SMX team.

CEVA Logistics has recognized the SMX team, as a part of the overall CEVA team, at its location in Seattle as the Station of the Year for 2010. The CEVA Seattle station includes three different groups, CEVA, Office Depot and SMX, who must work together in order to have operations run smoothly. All parties involved expressed how well the three teams collaborated, helping the station remain steady and stable throughout the year. The hard work of the CEVA, Office Depot and SMX teams combined helped CEVA Seattle accomplish this noteworthy achievement.

One aspect which helped the SMX team and CEVA Seattle stand out was the addition of Stacey Phillips, SMX Account Supervisor. Stacey joined the SMX team at the CEVA Seattle office in early 2010 and quickly made an impact. Stacey helped facilitate communication between the three different teams, and was able to increase teamwork among everyone involved.

“I owe a lot to the CEVA and Office Depot teams, as well as my crew, for all the support and hard work, not to mention all the support we have received from SMX,” says Stacey Phillips, SMX Account Supervisor.

Stacey was recognized with a bonus from CEVA/Office Depot, and the entire station was rewarded with a catered lunch on December 17, 2010.

Thank you to CEVA for your continued partnership and to the entire SMX team at CEVA Seattle for your hard work throughout 2010!