Bhupinder Verman is Staff Management | SMX’s 2017 Associate of the Year

What does family mean to you?

Is it people who will always have your back, those who help lead you to success by setting an example? Is it people you can always come to for advice and guidance? Whatever your definition may be, it is clear to see why our Canadian Associate of the Year, Bhupinder Verman, is regarded as “Uncle” by his team members; taking care of his team and helping ensure their success is what Bhupinder does best.

Bhupinder Verman works as a team lead for Staff Management | SMX at Mars Inc. in Bolton, Ontario. Mars Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of many products, ranging from pet care supplies to confectionery treats. As part of the team since our onsite solution was first launched in 2012, Bhupinder has become an integral and
respected member of the crew. As a team lead, Bhupinder takes pride in managing a team of about 20 production workers. Every morning, he meets with them, goes through safety tips and assigns them to a line.

“He is a very well-known and respected member of the Staff Management | SMX family at our site. Over the years Mars Inc. and Staff Management | SMX crews have come to know him as a dedicated, hardworking and reliable team lead,” said Susana Colavita, a senior account manager at Staff Management | SMX.

Although being a team lead is a challenging position, Bhupinder arrives at work every day with a positive attitude and a determination to get the job done right. “I’ve been here for so long, I feel comfortable with all aspects of the position,” Bhupinder said when asked about his favourite part of the job. “I really just like being able to take care of my people and make sure everything is running smoothly.”

Taking care of people is what Bhupinder does best. In fact, he has come to be known by the nickname “Uncle” among his team members. “Bhupinder is always looking at ways he can assist our team and improve processes. He understands the lines and always has really valuable input for us,” said Nivaraka Gukathasan, a recruitment and payroll manager at Staff Management | SMX. “His team looks towards him to provide suggestions and guidance.”

With an ability to face the fast-paced nature of production facilities with a unique calmness, patience and positivity that is infectious to his entire team, Bhupinder has become the go-to person when Mars Inc. has a question about one of the lines. “Bhupinder is very flexible, down to earth and quickly redeploys resources as production demands,” said Mars Inc. Shift Lead Neha Dhar. “He is very pleasant to work with.”

When Bhupinder isn’t managing his work family, he likes to spend time with his wife and two children running errands, listening to music and reading. His favourite things to read? Shakespeare and poetry.

National Staffing Employee Week presents us all with the opportunity to recognize the individuals who make this industry move – individuals who truly deserve to be recognized year-round. We recognize the associates who work part time between college classes, those who are looking for a change of pace and the ones who work long hours and who truly love what they do. We recognize individuals like Bhupinder.