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5 Updated Recruitment Rules to Help You Source Top Talent [Ebook]

Recruiting top talent in today's marketplace isn't easy. While many companies are experiencing difficulty finding candidates for their highly skilled positions, the problem goes beyond the competitive market. The problem is that recruiters are applying old rules of reading candidates' history – they are missing signs of future success, or knocking out people for reasons that are no longer relevant. In response to these outdated practices, Staff Management | SMX's Recruitment and Placement Solutions team has identified five rules that no longer apply when evaluating talent in today's marketplace.


Staffing Made Simple With the Staffing Model Assessment Tool [Ebook]

This assessment tool is meant to help you make the best decisions for your organization by breaking down the value propositions of the three most common site-level staffing models and comparing them across five key values, such as cost savings, program management, compliance and risk. Using this tool will allow you to evaluate each staffing model based on your organization’s unique needs and goals.


HR Compliance Trends for 2018 [Ebook]


This major Canadian single-site food manufacturer and packager found its staffing program bogged down by rogue spend and little accountability. They sought to partner with a single staffing provider who could help them operate safely and efficiently while maintaining compliance with all regulations. That's where Staff Management | SMX came in. Learn how Staff Management | SMX partnered with this client to limit attrition and increase workforce quality.


Investing in Associates and Community Partnerships Expands Workforce and Cuts Overtime [Case Study]

This leading food and confection manufacturer has a rich history that spans more than 100 years. After an operational revamp, this manufacturer needed a staffing provider that could implement strategies to broaden their recruitment reach, improve fill and reduce turnover.

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