How an onsite staffing partner keeps your workplace safe

June 6, 2023 Casey Nighbor

Contingent associates, like all workers, deserve a safe work environment. Is your operation prioritizing safety? Learn how onsite staffing providers keep their workers safe.

Builds custom safety programs

Every day needs to be a safe day. An onsite staffing provider should tailor a safety program to your unique needs. At Staff Management | SMX, we are committed to proactive safety initiatives and providing safe work environments for associates.

An effective onsite staffing partner will build a program that complements, supports and enhances your existing program. Safety should be the most important part of every team member’s daily framework and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Provides safety training

A good onsite staffing partner will ensure all associates are trained in safety procedures. At Staff Management | SMX, we conduct comprehensive safety training during all new hire orientations.

An onsite staffing partner will also conduct ongoing trainings and keep associates engaged with safety topics. We use safety suggestions, regular safety meetings, safety tracking via Stafftrack, signage, a newsletter, weekly safety topics and awareness programs to always keep safety a priority on our sites.

Follows OSHA best practices

An onsite staffing partner that values safety and takes initiative can be an asset for your organization. Staff Management | SMX work diligently to maintain and enhance safety in the workplace by enacting OSHA’s best practices and by providing innovative solutions that make safety a top priority for all associates.

Checks and maintains safety standards

While building a safety program is a critical piece of the puzzle, making sure associates follow it is just as important. At Staff Management | SMX, we conduct daily safety audits on a shift-by-shift basis to ensure that safe work habits are exhibited by every associate

We work diligently to ensure safety standards are maintained, safety-related activities are documented and programs are continuously improved.

Not sure your safety program is up to par? Download our safety checklist

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