The Value of Our Center of Excellence (COE)

value-of-center-of-excellence_blog_staff-management-SMXSince we founded our company in 1988, our mission has been clear: provide client-dedicated workforce and vendor management solutions that give each and every client the kind of focus and support that is impossible with the traditional industry model. Our singular focus runs contrary to a branch-based approach. A model that, by definition, is about acquiring market share and maximizing the use of branch-based resources rather than providing client-intimate support for complex management solutions.

Every aspect of our model has been engineered to support our client-dedicated programs. From our operationally focused service teams to the proprietary software that we use to manage our programs – everything we do revolves around the attainment of our client’s individual goals for their staffing programs. To this end, each of our client-dedicated programs is supported by our Chicago Center of Excellence (COE). Our COE efficiently enables consistent, high-level service delivery and program standardization while effectively leveraging our subject matter expertise and best-practices at client sites around the globe.

Being a generalist can be effective in many circumstances. However, when your business is workforce and vendor management critical support functions like recruiting, implementation, account support, supplier management, training and technology require the focus and expertise only possible with specialization. By centralizing these important functions in our COE we ensure shared-learnings and accelerated innovation across our client base. This approach allows our teams to specialize in providing outstanding customer service, understanding our client’s business and delivering operational excellence.

Our mature COE model is unique to the industry and provides our clients with better service levels, more responsiveness and greater flexibility. While other providers continue to try to leverage the power of centralization, they do not share our proven track record of success.