Staff Management | SMX Celebrates National Staffing Employee Week

associate-of-the-year_blog_staff-management-smx_rWe recognized Pao Ge’s contributions by naming him Staff Management | SMX 2015 Associate of the Year and throwing him a surprise celebration onsite. Director of Operations, Alex Patel, presented Pao Ge with a $2,000 bonus and spoke of his many accomplishments on behalf of Staff Management | SMX. Pao Ge’s friends and coworkers all shared in the festivities with celebratory cake and balloons.

About Pao Ge

Pao Ge has been a valuable asset to his team at Johnsonville Sausage since he first started in 2008. Currently, he is one of just three Staff Management | SMX associates in the site relief crew member role. This required Pao Ge to learn how to perform every role in the production process which takes at least a year to master.

Staff Management | SMX account supervisor Jason Allen has worked with Pao Ge for many years cited him as a strong leader that many associates look up to. “Pao Ge’s position requires a real dedication to high-quality production and the ability to switch gears instantaneously. His proficiency in working all of the positions within the facility is unsurpassed and is appreciated by Johnsonville and Staff Management | SMX team members alike.”

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