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Value Road Map: 8 Ways to Drive Staffing Program ROI

Are you driving sustainable value for your staffing program?

Our value road map provides eight key strategies for accelerating your program’s return on investment (ROI).

  1. Start by standardizing: Establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) for consistent service delivery and Value-Road-Map-8-Ways-to-Drive-Staffing-Program-ROI_White-Paper_Staff-Management-SMXpolicy adherence.
  2. Move to a management platform supported by technology: Deploy a framework for program management, communication, approvals, supplier management, visibility, reporting and analytics.
  3. Accelerate toward greater risk mitigation: Implement a comprehensive compliance program inclusive of best practices for workforce screening and classification, co-employment management, safety and security management, and compliance auditing.
  4. Increase program value by integrating systems: Integrate systems that manage financial, human resources, security and production assets to keep data consistent and accurate, to enforce policies and to ensure processes are efficient and automated from end to end.

Download our road map to get all eight steps in comprehensive detail.

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