Project Description

Research Report on the State of Contingent Workforce Management by Ardent Partners

Over the last several years, leveraging a workforce comprised of nontraditional workers has emerged as a new standard for driving corporate value. With the potential for significant cost reduction and increased program visibility, more companies are beginning to optimize their temporary labor practices with the help of staffing industry experts.

Ardent Partners takes a comprehensive, industry-wide approach to the way they examine the state of contingent workforce management (CWM) by drawing on the experiences and perspectives of nearly 200 executives in procurement, human resources, finance and other departments in the staffing industry.

Chapter 1 – The State of Contingent Workforce Management

  • The evolution of contingent workforce management and its components
  • What this evolution means for the modern user of contingent labor
  • Key challenges faced in the pursuit of CWM excellence
  • How the future will shape contemporary management of contract talent

Chapter 2 – A Framework for Success

  • Ardent Partners’ best-in-class CWM framework
  • How enterprises can effectively develop and enhance capabilities, competencies and strategies
  • Managing traditional temporary labor, complex contingent labor and independent contractors

Chapter 3 – Best-in-Class Performance

  • Key performance benchmarks in the CWM arena
  • Best-in-class performers and their distinguishing characteristics
  • Advantages best-in-class companies have in key capabilities and strategies for CWM

Chapter 4 – Strategies for Success

  • Recommended strategies to improve contingent workforce management operations

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