Making Work More Rewarding: 5 Essential Tips

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Making Work More Rewarding: 5 Essential Tips

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making-work-more-rewarding_blog_staff-management-SMXAs kids, most of us learned a similar lesson – to play well with others. When you were young, you may not have realized how important this lesson would be throughout the course of your life, but now that you’re all grown up, playing well with others is more important than ever. Not only will this trait help your personal life, but it affects your professional life as well. Building positive relationships in the workplace is one key to career growth, happiness and success.

Being social at work also makes working more enjoyable. A recent Gallup poll found that “close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50% and people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work.” So next time you’re having a hard day, reach out and talk to someone for a few minutes – you might just find that you feel a whole lot better after you do!

Deanna Geddes, chair of the department of Human Resources Management at Temple University, agrees that having friendships in the workplace not only “improves your mood and outlook at work, but also your performance.” Staying hyper-focused on work all day can become tedious and extremely draining. Breaking up your work day by having a few conversations with coworkers or by stepping out for lunch will make a positive impact on your overall demeanor.

Connecting with your coworkers will make your work day more social and enjoyable, not to mention setting you up for career success! So what’s the best way to make these important workplace connections? We’ve outlined five essential tips below to get you started on the right track.

5 Tips for Building and Maintaining Positive Workplace Relationships

1. Be Approachable
Look for opportunities to connect with your coworkers and be sure to take advantage of social opportunities when they present themselves. Say “yes” next time you receive an invitation to join your coworkers for lunch or take part in a cross-departmental team.

2. Be Helpful
When someone approaches you for help, do whatever you can to assist them with a smile. Helping a coworker solve a problem in a high-stress situation allows you to stand out from your peers and helps you develop a reputation for being a good coworker. Who doesn’t like someone who’s always willing to lend a helping hand?

3. Be a Communicator
To make genuine relationships with people at work, always remember to listen more than you talk. By seeking to understand what is important to your coworkers, their personalities and their perspectives, you will form stronger connections with them. People tend to get along with those they can relate with.

4. Be Trustworthy
Always keep your integrity intact and be careful not to share confidential or personal information that someone has shared with you. Being trustworthy is an important stepping stone to building effective working relationships and maintaining your integrity speaks volumes about your character. Keeping a good reputation amongst co-workers is a major key in building strong workplace relationships.

5. Be Professional
While all of these tips are important, maintaining your professionalism while developing workplace friendships is one of the most important. Be sure to keep all communications appropriate by not oversharing or making comments that could offend others. Set personal boundaries and don’t let workplace friendships cloud your professional judgment – your reputation is on the line!

These attributes, as well as having a solid reputation as a hard worker and loyal team member, will help you create strong relationships at work. Good communicators are perceived as more approachable, helpful, trustworthy and professional, so they tend to be more likeable. All of these traits are factors for future career success. In the short-term, maintaining a positive and receptive attitude at work will make it more likely that you will be brought in on special projects or a new assignment, which can catapult your career forward.

As Dale Carnegie wrote in his renowned book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

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