3 Reasons to Job Hunt Through a Recruitment Agency

3 Reasons to Job Hunt Through a Recruitment AgencyIf you’re actively searching for a job, the first person you’ll most likely be in contact with is a recruiter. Whether that person is an internal or external recruiter, however, can make a big difference in terms of how you work with them. An internal recruiter is someone who is employed by the company you are applying to. Conversely, an external recruiter is someone who works for an outside agency that provides sourcing and recruiting services to the company you are applying to.

You can come in contact with an external recruiter in a variety of ways. Most likely, they will be your first point of contact after applying to a company that outsources its recruitment process. The most common reason companies choose to work with an outside recruitment agency is to save time. Sourcing and interviewing candidates for open positions can be a full-time job. Using a recruitment agency allows a company to focus its attention on other business needs while still being able to attract quality candidates.

You can also reach out to external recruiters directly if you find them through a company website or a professional networking site like LinkedIn. Recruitment agencies are a great resource for job seekers. If you’ve never considered job hunting through a recruitment agency, here are a few reasons why you should.

1. External recruiters have access to multiple job openings and companies.

While you may come in contact with an external recruiter initially through a specific job posting, if it turns out the position isn’t a good match for you, the road doesn’t end there. External recruiters often specialize in specific industries or jobs with similar skill sets, so they’ll likely be able to present other opportunities you’d be interested in. They have vast networks within their area of expertise and can help you make connections at top companies. Even if there isn’t an immediate opening that fits your qualifications, external recruiters will keep you in their applicant tracking system (ATS) and alert you of future opportunities.

2. External recruiters have your best interest in mind.

An external recruiter’s goal is to precisely match candidates and companies based on the candidate’s skill set and how well they will fit with the company’s culture. Your goal is to land a position for which you’re qualified at a company where you’ll fit in. Think of your recruiter as an ally in the hiring process. They know exactly what type of candidate the company is looking for, and after getting to know you, they will help you present yourself in the best light. Your recruiter can give you recommendations for tailoring your resume or interview tips to ensure that you’re aligning yourself with what’s important to the company. Getting hired via an endorsement from an external recruiter is a win-win for all parties involved.

3. External recruiters can help you in the future.

Taking the time to build a relationship with an external recruiter can be beneficial throughout all stages of your career. If you do land a job through the recommendation of a recruiter, make sure to thank them and then continue to stay in touch over the years. When you’re ready to make your next career move, they can be a helpful resource to jump-start your search or get your foot in the door at another company. If your search is outside the realm of their expertise, they can likely introduce you to other recruiters who do specialize in the type of placements you’re looking for.

Beginning your job search with the help of an external recruiter can open the door to many career opportunities you never would have known about on your own. By working with an outside party, you’ll benefit from their vast network of opportunities, their shared interest in your success and the lasting value that maintaining a relationship with them can for provide.

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