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Increased Associate Engagement Enables Smooth Business Expansion [Case Study]

This online delivery service provides customers the ability to purchase their everyday essentials from a diverse portfolio of top retailers including Costco, Walgreens and PetSmart with the convenience of not having to leave home. Their workers pick and pack the orders on location in the partnering stores and ship them directly to customers that same day.


Stafftrack Harnesses the Power of Data for Your Staffing Program [Info Sheet]

To dig deeper into the extensive information we compile, and to effectively transform it into insightful forecasts, we developed Stafftrack, our high-tech ecosystem of data, analytics and reporting surfaces. Stafftrack delivers granular insights, high-level overviews and interfaces for client reviews and action requests.


Access Top Candidates for Your Specialized Hiring Needs [Info Sheet]

Get efficient access to best talent for your skilled and semi-skilled positions is crucial to your operation and the performance of your workforce. Leveraging our recruitment and placement solutions team provides you with an efficient and effective alternative to high-cost, boutique-style recruiting agencies without sacrificing the proven service you’ve come to expect from Staff Management | SMX.


Power Workforce Productivity With Outsourced Workforce Management [Info Sheet]

Staff Management | SMX’s outsourced workforce management (OWM) onsite staffing solutions optimize your contingent labor strategy, reduces spend and increases your competitive advantage by attracting, selecting, training and managing the most qualified contingent associates available. This branch-free model utilizes our center of excellence combined with customized onsite service to efficiently enable consistent, high-level results.


5 Key Staffing Challenges to Overcome for a Thriving Fulfillment Operation [Ebook]

Ecommerce is booming. In the past five years alone, U.S. online retail sales have grown at double-digit rates quarter over quarter and are projected to reach $523 billion by 2020 according to Forrester Research Inc. Ecommerce sales aren’t the only thing increasing; consumers’ expectations are also reaching new heights. A study by Temando found that 80 percent of online shoppers want same-day shipping and 61 percent want their packages shipped within 1-3 hours. Yet, only 55 percent and 31 percent of online shoppers are willing to pay for these respective services.

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