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Transform Data Into Action With Stafftrack’s Predictive Analytics [Info Sheet]

ViewFinder is the unique predictive analytics technology that enables our teams to turn data into action for your contingent workforce. Learn how Staff Management | SMX can help you achieve greater operational efficiency and higher fill rates. Download our info sheet.


Reduce Overtime & Turnover Costs While Expanding Your Candidate Pool With FLEX


Finding the right talent for your contingent workforce can be a challenge. Download our info sheet to find out how you can use FLEX scheduling to increase your talent acquisition reach while reducing overtime and turnover costs.


Fill Orders, Meet Demand: Fast, Accurate Fulfillment of Fluctuating Customer Orders [Info Sheet]

Ecommerce operations present unique challenges when it comes to staffing, but we're ready for them. Learn how Staff Management | SMX can help you scale efficiently with high-quality workers. Download our info sheet.


Cross-Brand Solution Consolidates Nationwide Contingent Workforce [Case Study]

This international home improvement retailer found itself weighed down as it attempted to manage dozens of separate staffing suppliers in its U.S. distribution centers. Learn how Staff Management | SMX joined forces with the other TrueBlue brands to support this client.

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