Onsite Staffing that Boosts Productivity & Cuts Costs

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Onsite Staffing

  • Contingent workforce management with a dedicated onsite team that understands your operation
  • Precision recruiting improves candidate quality and reduces turnover by attracting “right fit” candidates
  • Leverage centralized support to optimize performance and focus on strategic business objectives

Specialized Workforce Needs

  • Access best practices with the #1 light industrial supplier in the US
  • Benefit from proven solutions for specialty labor verticals
  • Identify, assess and administer independent contractors (1099s)
  • Build consistency in performance and production with OnTask training

Lean Approach

  • Deploy well-defined processes to quantify opportunities and guide change
  • Optimize productivity and efficiency using lean principles
  • Benefit from operational enhancements and high-impact staffing solutions

Safety & Compliance

  • Workers compensation and risk (WRC) certified
  • Safety and risk management validated by the American Staffing Association
  • Apply and administer E-Verify best practices
  • Ensure administrative compliance to reduce risk

16,000 Workers Needed in 9 Weeks – Mission Accomplished

A leading online retailer needed to ramp-up their temporary workforce to meet the demands of their busy season. Staff Management | SMX hired over 16,000 associates in a nine-week period while sourcing for several new locations at the same time. Learn how we accomplish even the toughest tasks for our clients.


“I love having the service team onsite because they can be involved with my team and the entire workforce. Temporary turnover is significantly lower than what we experienced with other models.”
Leading Consumer Goods Manufacturer, Plant Manager, OWM Client

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